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Urethral syndrome, acute

cystitis but which arise without the presence of any infection. The symptoms consist of discomfort and pain in the lower abdomen, a constant urge to pass urine, and, in women, pain around the vulva. Middle aged women are the most frequently affected by this syndrome.

In many cases, kidney function and urinary tract anatomy are usual. The symptoms generally occur after sexual intercourse. In women who have gone through the menopause, the symptoms can be due to inflammation of the vulva associated with thinning of tissues. Psychological and emotional factors can contribute.

Treatment can be difficult. Cases caused by vulvitis can be relieved by creams containing oestrogen drugs. Antiseptic creams and strong soaps should be avoided and they may worsen the symptoms. Good personal hygiene and a high fluid intake are often recommended. Changing sex positions can be helpful, as can passing urine before and after sex.

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