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Common, contagious and harmless growths which occur on the topmost layer of the skin, or mucous membranes.  An overgrowth of cells causes a visible lump to develop.


Causes and Types


There are at least 100 different types of the human papillomavirus, which cause warts.  There are different types of warts which can occur, at various areas of the body, such as the hands, feet (plantar warts), or genitals.  Flesh-coloured flat warts are sometimes itchy, lumpy, and have flat tops which occur usually on the wrists, backs of the hands and the face.




A wart-removing liquid or a special plaster can be used to treat Common, Flat and Plantar warts, although it may be necessary to treat the wart several times, and sometimes they will return.  Warts usually disappear independently within 6-12 months if left untreated.  However, it is important to always treat genital warts. This is according to allopathic medicine but if the body is brought into a cleansed state it can be cleared naturally.

A common treatment for warts is cryosurgery.

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