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Fibro myalgia

Another name for fibromyalgia is Fibromyalgia syndrome. It is an on going condition that causes pain through out the whole body. When someone has this disease they can start to feel extremely fatigued their muscles become stiff. Headaches start to occur and the pain that they feel along with the other symptoms causes them to have difficulty in sleeping. Irritable bowel syndrome can also be a symptom of Fibromyalgia in some individuals.


What is the cause of fibro myalgia?


The cause of fibromyalgia is said to be unknown and to be linked to changes in the way that the central nervous system and spinal cord work, but the truth is that it is a form of neuralgia (nerve pain). You have to bear in mind that your nerves run through out your body and fibromyalgia is a paid that runs throughout your body. So fibromyalgia is a form of neuralgia which is nerve pain.


Treatment for fibromyalgia


Clearing of toxins from the body and rehabilitation of whole body.

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