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Gingivitis, acute ulcerative

Painful ulceration and infection of the gums.  Acute ulcerative gingivitis is rare, mainly affecting people between age fifteen and thirty five.  It is created by abnormal overgrowth of bacteria that often exist harmlessly in small numbers in the gum crevices.  Predisposing factors include throat infections, bad oral hygiene, smoking and stress.  In a lot of cases, the disorder is preceded by periodontitis or gingivitis.

The gums become tender and bleed easily.  Craterlike ulcers, which bleed spontaneously, develop on the gum tips between teeth.  There can be a foul taste in the mouth, swollen lymph nodes, and bad breath.  The infection can spread to the inside of the cheeks and the lips. 

A hydrogen peroxide mouthwash can reduce inflammation.  Scaling in performed to remove plaque.  In extreme cases, antibiotic drugs can be administered to control infection.

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