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Resulting from damage to parts of the cerebrum (main mass of the brain) concerned with writing, loss of or impaired ability to write, despite normal functioning of the hand and arm muscle.


Writing depends on a complex sequence of mental processes, including recall from memory of how words are spelled, the selection of words and formulation and execution of the required hand movements, and visual checking that written words match their representation in the brain.  Processes like these can take place in a number of connected regions of the brain.  Agraphia can be caused by damage to any of these regions (often as a result of a brain tumour, head injury or stroke) and can therefore be of different degrees of severity and types. 

Agraphia is commonly accompanied by alexia (loss of reading ability) or can be part of an expressive aphasia (a general disruption in expression of language).


There is no particular treatment for agraphia but occasionally some of the lost writing skills can return in time.

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