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Swollen veins in the lining of the anus.  Haemorrhoids can arise close to the anal opening, when they are called external haemorrhoids, or when they are higher up in the anal canal, in which case they are named internal haemorrhoids.  Occasionally, these veins protrude outside the anal canal, in which case they are named prolapsing haemorrhoids.


Haemorrhoids are caused by heightened pressure in the vein of the anus, most usually through straining repeatedly to pass hard faeces.  These types of faeces can occur from a diet that is too high in refined foods and too low in fibre.  Haemorrhoids are also common during pregnancy, when the weight of the foetus exerts heavy pressure on blood vessels.




Discomfort and rectal bleeding are the most normal features.  Prolapsing haemorrhoids usually produce a mucous discharge and itching around the anus.  A complication of prolapsed is strangulation and thrombosis.  This arises when a blood clot forms in the vein, stopping it from returning to its position in the anus and preventing its blood supply.  The condition causes serious pain.


Diagnosis is usually by proctoscopy (inspection of the rectum with a viewing instrument).  Lesser cases are controlled by eating a high fibre diet, drinking plenty of fluids, and establishing regular bowel movements.  Allopathic medical people will prescribe, Rectal suppositories and creams that have corticosteroid drugs and local anaesthetics reduce the swelling and pain, but a lot of the time these things just fight the symptoms. Allopathic medicine treats more serious haemorrhoids with cryosurgery (application of extreme cold) or by banding, in which a band is tied around the haemorrhoid, which causes it to die and drop off.  A haemorrhoidectomy (surgical removal of the haemorrhoids) is often given for prolapsing haemorrhoids. You have to remember that these are actually your bodies veins so if you allow the chemical people to start to freeze your veins or remove your veins it can cause permanent damage to your anus.

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