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IgA nephropathy

A kidney disease that leads to haematuria (passage of blood in the urine) and in which deposits of IgA immunoglobuins (particular proteins made by the immune system to combat infection) are found within the kidneys.  Excessive amounts of IgA are occasionally produced in response to a throat infection.  In these cases, IgA complex collects in the filtering units of the kidneys.  IgA nephropathy is the most frequently seen form of glomerulonephritis. 

The condition mostly affects children and young men.  It can cause either microscopic haematuria (in which blood is passed in the urine but cannot be seen with the naked eye).  In certain cases, nephritic syndrome develops; in this condition, great amounts of protein are passed in the urine, creating raised blood pressure and odema (swelling of the tissues).

Treatment of IgA nephropathy can involve corticosteroid drugs and immunosuppressant drugs is what allopathic practitioners use but you have to remember that these drugs do have extremely dangerous side effects.  Generally, the prognosis for IgA nephropathy is positive.  In certain cases, however, kidney function deteriorates and, in up to one in five people, kidney failure develops after several years.

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