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Curving inward of the legs so that the knees are touching, causing the feet to be placed further apart than normal.


Knock-knee is frequent in children between the ages of three and five and be a part of normal development. In certain children, knock-knee can be brought on by rickets, a disease which softens the bones. In adults, certain cases include rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis of the knee. A leg fracture that has not mended correctly can also lead to knock-knee in children and adults.


In children, the condition often develops by roughly seven years of age. Knock-knee that continues, or is caused by a disorder, can need osteotomy, a surgical procedure in which the tibia (shin) is cut and realigned to straighten out the leg. In adults knee-joint replacement can be necessary according to allopathic medicine but really this should be avoided at all costs except in very extreme cases.

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