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Behavioural problems in children

Behavioural problems can occasionally occur in any child. Behavioural problems range from mild and short periods of unacceptable behaviour, which are common in most children, to more major problems such as conduct disorders and refusal to obey orders; specialist management is called for when the problems become everyday and disrupt family/school life. At the natural health clinic we have helped many children to improve their behaviour through our therapies and counselling programs. Some behavioural problems can occur whatever the home or family situation of the child.  But in some cases stressful external events, such as parental divorce or moving home may produce periods of problem behaviour.  Behavioural problems that are frequently seen in young children include sleeping problems such as waking repeatedly during the night.  In toddlers tantrums, breath-holding attacks, head banging and separation anxiety are problems best dealt with by a controlled and consistent approach.  Problems with toilet training are usually avoided when the training is delayed until the child is physically and emotionally ready.  In children between the ages of 4-8 years, minor behavioural problems, such as, bed wetting, thumb nail biting, clinginess sucking and disruption during the night due to nightmares are so commonly seen they are thought to be almost normal.  These problems are best dealt with by using a positive approach that concentrates on rewarding good behaviour.  In the majority of cases, the child grows out of the problem but occasionally medical help may be needed.

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