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Radius, fracture of

A widespread type of fracture that can affect the lower end, upper end, or shaft of the radius (the shorter end of the two long bones in the forearm).

Fracture of the radius just above the wrist is the most commonly seen fractures in people over the age of 40. It is often caused by falling on the palm of a hand, resulting in backward displacement of the hand and wrist.

Fracture of the disc shaped head of the radius, just underneath the elbow, is one of the most frequent fractures seen in young adults. Treatment depends on the type and severity of the fracture. A lesser fracture can heal if placed in a soft, supportive bandage; others can need surgical correction. If the head of the bone is splintered or crushed, it can need to be removed.

Fracture of the shaft of the radius can lead to displacement of the broken ends of the bone. An operation can be necessary in order to reposition the bone ends and fix them together before the limb I immobilised. Fractures of the radius generally take roughly six weeks to heal.

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