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Inflammation of a fallopian tube.  Salpingitis is frequently caused by infection (often a sexually transmitted infection, such as chlamydial infection or gonorrhoea) spreading up from the vagina, uterus or cervix.  Salpingitis is also a feature of pelvic inflammatory disease. 

Symptoms include abdominal pain and fever, which can be extreme.  Pus can collect in the fallopian tube, and a pelvic abscess can arise.  Diagnosis is by examination of vaginal and cervical discharge, to identify the infectious organism or laparoscopy to view the abdominal cavity.  Blood tests can be carried out if septacmia is suspected and the female is very unwell.  Treatment of the condition is with antibiotics.  Surgery can be necessary if an abscess has formed.

If the infection has damaged the inside of the fallopian tubes, infertility or an increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy can result.  In certain cases, injury to a tube can be corrected surgically. 


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